Motion Design in After FX

JM Khayat


In this 3 week advanced course, I will show you all the essentials of Motion Design with Adobe After FX.

Each week will be split into learning the concepts first, then applying them into a real project.

After this, I’m confident you will have enough tools to put in motion everything you have in mind, but also will be comfortable exploring on your own for more advanced techniques.

Prior knowledge of Photoshop or Illustrator is required.

Laptop with Adobe After FX installed and running is mandatory.

Week 1 – Essential Interface

What is Motion Graphics – Understanding the User Interface – Where to find the stuff you need to do your stuff

i) Import / Project

(1) Drag and drop / import

ii) Composition Preview

iii) Timeline

(1) Layers

iv) Effect Control

v) Preview

vi) Tools

Wk1 Essential Elements

Gather all the pieces you can – Understanding formats and attributes of those pieces.

A good meal needs the right ingredients.

i) Footage / video

ii) Still image

iii) Multi-layer PSD

iv) Vector

v) Sound

vi) Solid

vii) Null

viii) Text

Wk1 Essential Compositions

Compositions is about blending different elements together to create a new image made of several pieces

Blending modes (Transparency)

Tools transform 2D (Animation)

Matte from alpha (Transparency)

Color correct (effect)

Vignette (Mask)

Keyframe (animation)

Export a video


Week 2 – Essential Animation

Now we’re talking! – Mastering all the different option and ways to make these elements move… at your command

ix) Transforms 2D

(1) Move / Rotate / Scale / Anchor / Opacity

x) Keyframes

(1) Everything with stopwatch icon: fx, cameras, masks etc

(2) Linear / Ease / Invert

(3) Graph editor

xi) Pre-comps

xii) Base expressions

(1) Whip

(2) Time / Wiggle / Loop /

xiii) Time Change

(1) Time stretching

(2) Time remap

(3) Slow motion / frame blending

xiv) Parenting

(1) Null

(2) In place / Not

xv) Animation Presets

(1) Text

Week 3 – Essential Transparency & Mask

Good magicians never reveal their secrets – Hide and show what you need to, using the power of vector and pixels values

i) Transparency

(1) From PSD, PNG with alpha

(2) From Vector

(3) From Comp

(4) Set matte Alpha

(5) Set matte Luminance

(6) Set channel

ii) Masks

(1) Multiple

(2) Feather

(3) Keys on Paths

(4) Paths copy for move

(5) Path from text / vector

(6) Shape layers

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